Finding your style

I'm a European stylist with more than 20 years of experience in all hair-types. When you come in, I will work with you to understand your individual preferences and needs. You'll receive personal consultations and attention to bring you a result that is exclusive to you.  You may already have a style in mind, but I am happy to offer my own expert recommendations.

A personal touch

At Ana’s Studio 24, my goal is to make my clients feel at ease by providing a comfortable, relaxed and professional atmosphere for women and men. By combining an intimate setting with an exceptional salon experience, you'll know you're in the best hands to create a look that makes you feel as good on the inside as you look on the outside.

10AM - 8PM Tue-Sat     1.908.242.0148

Client Testimonials


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This salon is the best. Ana, the owner, is fantastic. She works magic on her customers.

Sally E.

A new concept in salons

Phenix Salon Suites is changing the Salon Industry. Founded by a family of Salon Professionals with over 85 years of Salon Industry experience, Phenix Salon Suites is poised to be the premier provider of Salon Suite concepts throughout the United States and Internationally.  I'm pleased to be a part of this new concept in professional salons.

Ana's Studio is a wonderful, comfortable and friendly salon.....I would recommend this place to anyone!.....She does exceptional work and makes you feel great.....we have to go back because my daughter didn't quite explain what she wanted correctly (even though her hair looked amazing upon leaving the salon!)......Ana and her staff had no problem giving us another appointment to make my daughter happy.......Can't say enough about her, her staff and her lovely shop!!!

Jamie H.